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Fields of Cooperation

  • Bilateral and multilateral political dialogue
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands supports the political and economic reforms of the government of Georgia
  • Priority areas for the assistance from the Dutch side to Georgia are: strengthening of the international rule of law and respect for human rights, peace building, promoting security and stability, effective humanitarian relief and good governance, poverty reduction
  • Defense Cooperation: The Dutch side supports Georgia in training of personnel of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia in order to introduce effective and transparent system of planning and budgeting. (Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministries of Defense of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Georgia concerning Netherlands advice and support in implementation of a multi-year Financial Management System (FMS) and Human Resource Managements System (HRMS)).

Every year one or two Georgian officers undergo training courses at the Netherlands Defense College in Delft

  • Cooperation in the field of Education: Diplomatic Centre was established at the Georgian MoFA. The Georgian side appreciates Dutch support concerning the training of young Georgian diplomats - organization of seminars with the participation of experienced Dutch specialists in diplomacy (training course was given by two lecturers from the Clingendael Institute of International Relations at the newly created Diplomatic Centre in February 2006)

Two or three young Georgian diplomats undergo special diplomatic training courses at the Clingendael Institute of International Relations every year

It should also be underlined that applications from Georgia are eligible for the Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP) administered by the Netherlands organization for international co-operation in higher education (Nuffic)

  • Cooperation in the field of Environment: several projects are already completed, some projects are in the process of implementation
  • Culture and Diaspora: It should be underlined that several Dutch-Georgian foundations and Diasporas are already registered and functioning in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They are organizing different events (Georgian Days) and meetings. Various cultural undertakings and projects are already implemented. Some cultural projects are planned for future implementation

From 2006 Matra (aim is to support the process of social transformation in Central and Eastern Europe) Projects Programme/MPP and Matra/KAP are eligible for Georgia

Economic Cooperation

  • During the last years the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands already provided macro economic support to the Government of Georgia:

Dutch Official Development Assistance (ODA) under the Multi-Annual Plan

Objective of the Multi-Annual

Strategic Plan (MASP)

Tentative Funding 2009-2011

Budget 2010

1. Strengthening Human Rights



2. A) Increased Stability

B) Strengthened Governance





4. Sustainable Policies and Economic Growth Aimed at Poverty Reduction






  • The Dutch side supports the Public Sector Financial Management Reform project. The cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of Georgia is quite active

On July 25, 2006 was signed the last MoU between the Government of Georgia and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Program for Cooperation with Emerging Markets (PSOM) and the Partners for Water Program (PfW-program))

  • The Georgian side highly appreciates the decision of the Dutch Government about the starting of the CBI program in Georgia (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries). The program is a very good instrument for the import of Georgian products on the Dutch and/or EU market (www.cbi.nl)
  • The Georgian side welcomes the participation of Dutch companies in the ongoing privatization process and would like to attract more investments from the Netherlands. Dutch private companies are quite active in Georgia. The development of co-operation in the tourism sector would also be appreciated
  • The Georgian side already has the Representative of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the Netherlands (Representative of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the Benelux Countries)

Trade relations in 2000-2010 (thousand USD):





1, 956.0

8, 491.0


3, 489.4

10, 499.8


4, 377.8

15, 395.1


9, 894.6

23, 770.0


9, 840.1

34, 600.1


11, 331.9

53, 087.7


6, 564.2

75, 615.8










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