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To Euro-sceptic sentiments we should oppose our concrete results on the path of integration – David Zalkaliani on the 10th anniversary of EaP

13.05.2019, Brussels – Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani participated in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) ministerial to mark the 10th anniversary of the format.
According to the Minister, the participants of the meeting took stock of the partnership results. It was highlighted that the initiative played an important role in the further development of relations between the partners and the EU. The successes and the progress Georgia has achieved within the scope of EaP, including the Association Agreement, DCFTA, visa-free travel and ongoing and implemented reforms. Speaking about the security challenges within the EaP region, Zalkaliani highlighted the need for the EU to make clear messages to Russia. “Georgia is a leader country of the EaP and it is recognised by our partners.  We wish that the achievements Georgia makes due to the partnership to be appropriately respected and reflected in concrete decisions,” Zalkaliani said.
“Our conversations included security challenges. I emphasized that partners need to make clear messages to the Russian Federation, which still continues to occupy our country. To Euro-sceptic statements and sentiments, which Russia tries to disseminate in the region we should oppose our concrete results in terms of integration. In difference from other partners, Georgia has unique formats of relations with the EU, such as high-level dialogue and strategic dialogue on security issues and we use all instruments available to us to prepare the country for integration with the EU functionally, to ensure more sectoral integration, greater involvement in EU projects, etc” – Zalkaliani said.
The EaP ministerial meeting was chaired by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, as well as European Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn.