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Concert of Georgian singer Lasha Glonti on the occasion of establishment of a new diaspora organization World of Diaspora

On October 5, 2019 on the occasion of the foundation of Georgian diaspora organization “World of Diaspora” concert of a famous Georgian singer Lasha Glonti was held in Amsterdam. Representatives of the Embassy of Georgia attended the concert.

The event started with the song “Mravaljamieri” by ensemble “Meskheti”. Founders of the diaspora organization addressed the audience. Also Archbishop of Belgium and the Netherlands Dositeosi welcomed the audience and wished success to “World of Diaspora” organization.

Georgian refugees from Abkhazia, now living to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Lali Butbaia, Izolda Kvitsiani and Nino Ubilava are founders of “World of Diaspora”. According to them, the aim of the organization is to work on migration issues and implement cultural and educational projects.

Embassy of Georgia expresses its gratitude towards the founders of the diaspora organization. Welcome remarks of the Ambassador of Georgia H.E. George Sharvashidze: “Strengthening of diaspora organizations and consolidation of Georgians living in every corner of the world, their active participation in activities related to Georgia is vitally important for our country. Therefore, Embassy of Georgia to the Netherlands will continue to support any interesting and important initiative in order to strengthen positive image of Georgia in the Netherlands. One more time I would like to wish founders of World of Diaspora success in their future activities”.