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A New Monument for Georgian Cemetery on Texel Island

On 4 May 2023, in memory of the victims of WW2, the municipality of Texel organized annual events. Embassy of Georgia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with the Georgian Community Organizations in Netherlands attended the ceremonies held in Den Burg. Governmental delegation from Georgia and AR of Abkhazia participated in the events.

The Georgian delegation was welcomed by the Texel Mayor, Michiel Uitdehaag in the Museum of War and Aviation where special section is dedicated to the Georgian Uprising.

Opening ceremony of the new monument for Georgian soldiers was held at the cemetery. The project was carried out by Georgian sculptor David (Devi) Khmaladze supported by the diaspora organization Georgian Culture Center in the Netherlands.

Bishop of Belgium and Holland, Father Dositeoz and Rabin Iakob Gagulashvili pefrormed preyers for the fallen Georgians and Jews during the 1945 uprising.